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Tunetime, ChicagoFest 1982

December 29th, 2009
Tunetime, ChicagoFest 1982!

These are the official "liner" notes from this video that our very good friend Phil Gratteau told us to check out:

"Tunetime "Godzilla," ChicagoFest, Miller Jazz Oasis Stage, Navy Pier, Aug 6, 1982. Ruben Alvarez: percussion; Ernie Denov: guitar / composition; Steve Eisen: tenor sax; Phil Gratteau: drums; Bob Gustafson: keyboards; Bill Lanphier: bass (band founder! leader!); Craig Williams: house sound."

Phil’s friend Bill Lanphier is to be credited for this youtube entry & we found out that Bill has performed with a diverse range of artists including Madonna, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and premier world-music artists. The writer B.L. has contributed to Playboy, Consumers Digest, World Book Encyclopedia, and National Lampoon Magazine. Lanphier the motorsports enthusiast has raced the Pikes Peak Hillclilmb, the fastest and arguably most dangerous off-road race in North America. The photographer Lanphier has published thousands of magazine images in seven countries. Like Woody Allen’s fictitious human chameleon Zelig, the real Bill Lanphier finds himself wearing many hats.



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